Relief due to the Security Situation

Dear Customers,

These are difficult times for us all. Our thoughts are with the residents of southern Israel, and with the families of the fallen, wounded, and missing.

At the Bank of Jerusalem, we are committed to being available to you and serving your needs via the bank’s website, app, service center, and branches.



Dedicated Security Situation Hotline

Due to the security situation, we have opened a dedicated hotline for our customers from the affected region.

Please contact the bank by phone at: 076-809-5100.


Relief for Bank Customers due to the Security Situation

Due to the current security situation and in accordance with the Bank of Israel’s Outline and other regulatory directives, Bank of Jerusalem is prepared to provide relief and benefits related to credit and fees in order to significantly ease cash flow for families and businesses during this time. We will continue to support our customers and make necessary adjustments for their benefit as regards various banking matters in light of the current circumstances.

This page includes information relevant to the Swords of Iron War, according to the topics listed below.

Bank of Israel Outline dated 15.10.23 and its extension dated 01.01.24 (hereinafter: the “Outline”)
The outline describes various concessions and benefits to be issued in accordance with 2 defined groups:

“First Degree” Customers:

1. Those who live within 30 km of the Gaza Strip
2. Those subject to an official home evacuation order (subject to lists published by the Bank of Israel)
3. First-degree relatives (spouses, parents, and children) of those who have been killed / abducted / declared missing during the war.
4. Reservists and those called up under Order 8.
5. Holders of the accounts of those who attended the Nova party in Re’im.

“Second Degree” Customers:
This group includes all other customers who are not considered first-degree customers.

A breakdown of the various benefits is found below:




Deferment of mortgage payments for a period of 3 months, in accordance with the Outline.

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 Consumer Loans

Deferment of consumer loan payments for a period of 3 months, in accordance with the Outline.
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עסקים קטנים

State-Guaranteed Loans

Relief for existing loans and providing new loans under a designated “Swords of Iron” plan.
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Exemption from a variety of bank fees for a period of 3 months, for first-degree customers, in accordance with the Outline.

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Greater leeway regarding the maximum number of bounced checks, in accordance with the Checks Without Cover Law, for eligible customers.
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Exemption from Interest Charges on Checking Account Balance

First-degree customers from groups 1, 2, or 3 are entitled to an exemption from paying interest on negative balances in a checking account.
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These relief measures are subject to the Bank’s conditions, its discretion, and the terms of the various benefits and services.
The Bank reserves the right to alter these conditions at any time and subject to any law.
The granting of any loan is at the Bank’s sole discretion.
Failure to comply with loan repayment or credit repayment may result in interest on arrears and repossession procedures.

We all stand together in these difficult times and wish for the return of peace, order, and security to our country.

Always at your service,
Bank of Jerusalem



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