A checking account with the Bank of Jerusalem - Customized for you

 A checking account with the Bank of Jerusalem, without the need for a monthly salary transfer.
 Want to know more? Here are our checking account services and options:
  • ATM cardDebit card or Bank of Jerusalem credit card
  • Order Checkbooks online
  • Direct debit authorization to pay utilities, property taxes and more
  • Get account information and perform transactions online
  • Take ​a loan and open a dedicated account for it using our website
  • Manage your checking account at your nearest branch
  • Increased daily cash withdrawal – one-time increase of the withdrawal amount up to NIS 10,000 that can be withdrawn until 00:00 on the day of the increase (subject to the current balance on the checking account).*

The increase of the withdrawal amount is subject to the discretion of the Bank. Failure to comply with loan repayment may result in interest on arrears and repossession procedures.