What is an appropriate loan?

An appropriate loan is a great way for you to enjoy quality of life today, while ensuring quality of life for the future.
You should consider a loan for improving your living standard, or for putting in place infrastructure which would give you a better life well into the future.
Appropriate loans occur in different areas of our lives, such as housing, automotive, healthcare, higher education.
Remember that a loan is no substitute for savings, and we at Bank of Jerusalem do not recommend taking a loan to finance a lifestyle which is out of line with your income.
Do you wish to replace your car?

Are you looking for a loan with highly flexible terms?

Are you buying an apartment or house and looking for a mortgage?

The Bank of Jerusalem advisors will gladly offer you a range of options for loans and mortgages.

Failure to comply with loan repayment may result in interest on arrears and repossession procedures.

Up to 200,000 NIS

without going to the branch



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