About Bank of Jerusalem

 How did it all start?

"Bank of Jerusalem Ltd." was incorporated in 1963. Bank of Jerusalem has 18 branches throughout Israel, with headquarters in Jerusalem and at Airport City. The Bank is owned by Export Investment Corporation Ltd. - a public company owned by the Shoval family, whose shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

In 1998, Bank of Jerusalem, licensed by the Bank of Israel, became a commercial bank specialized in real estate, capital market, savings and international banking.
Bank of Jerusalem has several subsidiaries, including 
Bank of Jerusalem Trust Company Ltd., Ir Shalem Insurance Agency (1996) Ltd., Jerusalem Financing and Issuance (2005) Ltd. and Tomer Jerusalem Ltd.

Many people dislike banks. Which is quite worrying.
But even more worrying is the fact that this has become common practice.

The banking system has truly "earned" this dislike.

Banks have forgotten their role.
Instead of safeguarding their clients' money and acting as financial mentors, banks have become greedy establishments, only in it for the buck - mostly at the expense of their clients.

Too many banks take advantage of their clients' lack of financial knowledge:
Expensive credit, low interest paid on deposits, exorbitant and unjustified fees, all encoded in bank jargon which could the average customer cannot understand without extensive legal expertise.
That’s unfair, unjust and dishonest.
That has to change.

We, at Bank of Jerusalem, have decided to make that change

To give clients what they deserve, simply, transparently and honestly.
We have eliminated most of our fees, offer equal terms to all sectors, using simple language without any tricks or hidden small print.
We do not have complex calculators, nor sophisticated products which you do not need - quite the opposite. We give you only the most important information, in a simple and easily understood manner. We at Bank of Jerusalem believe in simple explanations and a direct approach. This is why you will soon find how easy it is to manage your account and to understand everything - with no complications.
We believe this is the honest thing to do... We at Bank of Jerusalem talk straight - we speak your language, just the way you understand it: no ifs, buts or maybes. Step into one of our branches and see how simple things are, how the small print becomes large and easy to read and most of all - you will understand our offer right away.
At Bank of Jerusalem you know and understand exactly which products you buy and what you have signed up for. Bank services - deposits, savings, securities and others - are explained in the easiest and simplest way possible - straight and to the point, without any tricks. 



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