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The Bank of Jerusalem Ltd. (hereinafter: the “Bank”) allows users to browse its website (hereinafter: the “Website”), subject to the following Terms and Conditions and subject to any document and/or agreement signed by the user, including the documents: “Request to open an account” and “Agreement to open an account” and/or “Request for receiving information and giving instructions not in writing.” The browsing and use of the Website constitutes the user’s acceptance of the terms and conditions stipulated herein and his undertaking to act pursuant thereto.
1. All the information contained on the Website is the exclusive property of the Bank.
2. The trademarks, service marks and logos used in the Website are proprietary to the Bank, and no action may be taken which may infringe the property rights to these trademarks.
3. The content on the Website is correct as of the date it is presented and provided. Pages offering information, such as data and balances, are valid as of the date of publication of this information. Do not rely solely on the information provided. Without derogating from the aforesaid, in any event of discrepancy or inconsistency between the information provided on the Website and the information in the Bank’s records or in official publications, the information in the Bank’s records and/or official publications will prevail, as applicable.
4. The service is available to an account holder / authorized signatory in the account / proxy holder, in accordance with the documents signed by the person authorized to operate or view the account.
5. The information on the Website is subject to changes on which the Bank may decide from time to time, including changes to or cancellation of plans / services / products listed on the Website, without prior notice and even prior to such updates being made to the Website, as well as changes pursuant to any statutory provisions. It is the user’s responsibility to monitor these changes.
6. Do not make changes, copy, distribute, broadcast, present, duplicate, publish or sell any information item, software or services, originating from this Website.
7. The content and information on the Website do not constitute an offering, solicitation or advice, and they are not intended to replace professional investment advice tailored to the applicant personally.
The Website may contain publications about structured deposits, as the Bank is engaged in marketing investments in which it has a financial interest. Therefore, they may be given priority over other similar products in terms of their suitability for clients. It is further clarified that structured deposits are defined as transactions involving a specified risk.
8. The content of the Website does not constitute a proposal to conclude a contract. Only a document approved by the Bank is binding on the Bank.
9. The Website may contain subjective publications with reference to factors or services that may not reflect the opinion of the Bank, but only the personal opinion of their author.
10. The Bank reserves the right to review each received application and decide, at its sole discretion, whether to provide the credit or any other service applied for, subject to all statutory terms and provisions.
11. The explanation provided on the Website concerning the Bank’s services and/or conditions for obtaining credit is merely a partial explanation, and does not come in lieu of reviewing the Bank’s documents. For full details relevant to a specific service, please contact the Bank’s representatives in the Bank's branches or the Call Center via phone *5727.
12. The information on the Website may contain grammatical and wording mistakes, clerical errors, etc., though the Bank makes its best efforts to avoid these. In such cases, the Bank shall not be liable for any damage caused due to such mistakes.
13. The Bank is not liable for any damage that may be incurred due to any defect, malfunction or improper operation of the software that operates the Website or the access to the Website.
14. Only a notification from the Bank shall constitute proof of a transaction carried out on the Website or for the account status.
15. All computer systems and web environments are susceptible to malfunctions and risks inherent in computing systems and the Internet. The Bank is doing everything possible to reduce the number of malfunctions and enable its customers a fail-safe use of the Website according to their needs. It is the Website user’s responsibility to read and implement the information security recommendations.
Nevertheless, such malfunctions and risks may not be completely prevented. Therefore, the Bank shall not be liable for any damage, loss or expense and/or disruption of the information presented in the systems, which may be incurred by the client as a result of, inter alia, the following: temporary disruption to the provision of services via communication lines, and/or any other disruption or malfunction of such communication lines, and/or disruption to the Website operation, its availability and/or response times of the computerized systems, and/or disruption to information and/or data and/or transmission and/or reception of orders, and/or due to malfunctions arising from communication lines or any other malfunctions.
16. The Website may contain links to websites not operated by the Bank, but rather by other unrelated parties. In such cases, the Bank shall not be liable for the content presented thereon.
17. The Website user is responsible for ensuring that no viruses can penetrate the system he is using, and the Bank exempts itself from any responsibility for this issue. Furthermore, the Website user should take all precautions to safeguard the username and password allowing him to access the system.
18. The Website allows downloading of software. The Bank is not liable for any damage that may be incurred due to downloading such software and/or due to using any software downloaded from the Website. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that he has taken appropriate precautions against viruses.
19. The information contained on the Website, as well as the use thereof, is subject to Israeli law. The use of this information, reliance thereupon and action taken based thereon may be restricted or even illegal under laws of other countries. It is the responsibility of the Website user to verify, prior to using such information, the law applicable in the country in which he resides.
20. Terms of Service:
20.1. The service allows obtaining information about balances and transactions in the accounts enrolled.
20.2. The usage fee for these services shall be paid to the Bank as set out in the Bank's tariff list, as updated from time to time, by charging the account.
20.3. In order to use the services, the user will receive a unique password (hereinafter the “Password”) and a unique username (hereinafter: the “Username”). The Password and the Username will allow the user to access the system.
20.4. The Bank has no capacity to monitor the identity of the person using the Password and the Username. The user hereby undertakes to maintain these details and the use of this service in confidence.
20.5. The information provided through this service is in line with the information in the Bank’s branch and refers to the previous business day, as the balances and transactions appearing in the account do not include operations and/or provisions made in the current business day.
20.6. The Password should be changed as frequently as stipulated by the Bank from time to time. Failure to change the Password may result in the access to the system being blocked to the user.
21. Saving Information
21.1. The Website may include software that analyzes user activity in order to better align the service with his needs.
21.2. The information provided by the user on the Website may be stored in the Bank's databases and used for decision making with regard to provision of services in the future.
21.3. The guidelines for dealing with risks and means to avoid them are available on information security pages of the relevant services.
22. The use of the Website and all consequences thereof shall be subject to the laws of the State of Israel.
23. For any inquiries and questions, please contact us via phone *5727.
24. In these Terms and Conditions all references to the user being referred in masculine gender shall be deemed to include the feminine gender.
The foregoing shall not detract from the responsibility of the user or the Bank in relation with the use of the Website.



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