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Terms of Use for Digital Channels – Bank of Jerusalem


Bank of Jerusalem Ltd. (hereinafter: “the Bank”) permits you (“the User”) to visit and make use of the Bank's digital channels (website, application) and additional digital channels as may be offered by the Bank from time to time (hereinafter: “the Digital Channels”), subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this document (“Digital Terms”).Use of the Digital Channels is intended for a casual customer and current customer of the Bank, for the purpose of obtaining banking services related to his accounts that are managed by the Bank, and for which he has requested such a service by registering for banking services via a specific platform (“the Service”). The Service is also subject to any document and/or agreement that the User has signed or will sign in the future in relation to his accounts with the Bank, including “Account Opening Request,” “General Account Management Terms,” “Request to Join the Banking Instructions via Digital Channels Service,” and any other application or document pertaining to the accounts (“Bank Records”) and these documents shall prevail in the event of any conflict arising between the information stated in them and the information stated in these Digital Terms.

Use of the Digital Channels is subject to the terms and conditions detailed below:

1. All information contained on the Digital Channels is the exclusive property of the Bank.

2. The logos appearing on the Digital Channels are the proprietary trademarks of the Bank andmay not be used in any way that may infringe the property rights of such trademarks.

3. The Digital Channels contain third party information that is provided on an as-is basis foryour convenience and personal use, as well as general information and theoretical examples, which are provided solely for purposes of explanation and illustration, and should not be relied upon exclusively. Without derogating from the aforesaid, in any case of an error that results in a contradiction or discrepancy arising between the information appearing on the Digital Channels and the information detailed in the Bank's records or official publications, the information detailed in the Bank's records and/or official publications, as the case may be, shall prevail.

4. The banking services are provided to an account holder/authorized account signatory/proxyaccount holder, in accordance with the documents signed by both the account holder and the Bank.

5. The information on the Digital Channels is subject to changes that the Bank is entitled tomake from time to time, including the cancellation or alteration of the plans / banking services / products appearing therein, without prior notice, and to changes made in accordance with the provisions of any law. It is the responsibility of the User to be aware of and monitor these changes.

6. No information, software, or banking services originating from any of the Digital Channelsmay be changed, reproduced, distributed, displayed, duplicated, published, or sold in any way.

7. The content of any of the Digital Channels shall not be construed as constituting an offer,solicitation, or advice, and is not intended as a substitute for professional investment guidance personally tailored to the applicant. The Digital Channels may contain promotional material related to structured deposits. The Bank is engaged in marketing these investments and has an interest and financial stake in them.

8. The content of the Digital Channels does not constitute a proposal to enact any agreement and/or presentation for the purpose of conducting a transaction. The Bank shall only be bound by documents it has explicitly approved.

9. The Digital Channels may contain subjective published material, including references to various parties or services, that does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Bank, but
rather reflects the personal opinion of the author. 

10. The Digital Channels permit applications to be submitted to the Bank, and it is hereby clarified that the Bank reserves the right to review each application it receives and to decide,
at its sole discretion, the conditions for providing credit or any other service, to the extent that it is provided, subject to all statutory and regulatory provisions.

11. The explanation provided on the Digital Channels regarding the Bank's services and/or the conditions for obtaining credit is only a partial explanation, and does not constitute a
substitute for a thorough review of the Bank's documents. For full details on a requested service, please contact the Bank’s representatives at any Bank branch, or dial *5727 for the
Bank’s service center.

12. Despite the Bank’s best efforts, the content of the Digital Channels may contain proofreading, grammatical, clerical, and other errors. The Bank will not be liable for damage
resulting from such errors, if any.

13. The Bank is not liable for any damage that may be incurred due to a defect, a malfunction, or improper use of the software that operates the relevant Digital Channels or
access to the relevant Digital Channels.

14. Only a notification from the Bank shall constitute confirmation of a transaction
performed on the Digital Channels, or of account status.

15. Every computer system and online environment is susceptible to the malfunctions and risks inherent in computer systems and the internet. The Bank of Jerusalem makes every
effort to minimize the number of malfunctions and enable its customers to use the Digital Channels on an ongoing basis, in accordance with their needs. It is the responsibility of the
User of the Digital Channels to read and implement the provided recommendations. Nevertheless, the aforementioned malfunctions and risks cannot be completely averted.
Therefore, subject to any law, the Bank shall not be held liable for any damage, loss, or expense, and/or for any disruption of the information presented in the systems, which may
affect the customer as a result of, among others: temporary disruption to the provision of services via telecom lines, and/or any other disruption and malfunction in telecom lines,
and/or disruption in the website’s operation, availability, and/or the response times of computer systems, and/or disruption to information and/or data and/or transmission and/or
reception of instructions as a result of malfunctions arising from telecom lines or any other malfunctions.

16. The Digital Channels may contain links to websites operated by parties not affiliated with the Bank. In such cases, the Bank shall not be held liable for the content presented

17. It is the sole responsibility of the User of the Digital Channels to ensure that viruses do not infiltrate the system he is using, and the Bank shall be exempt from liability for any
issues relating to this matter. Furthermore, the User of the Digital Channels must take all due precautions to safeguard the username and password that permit him to access each of the
Digital Channels and act in accordance with the information security recommendations provided on the Digital Channels.

18. The Digital Channels give Users the option to download software. The Bank shall not be held liable for any damage whatsoever that may be caused to the User due to downloading such software and/or due to the use of any software downloaded from the Digital Channels. It is the responsibility of the User to ensure that he has installed appropriate virus protection.

19. The information contained on the Digital Channels, as well as the use thereof, is governed by Israeli law. Use of, reliance upon, and action taken as a result of this information may be restricted or prohibited by law in other countries. It is the responsibility of the User of the Digital Channels to review the applicable law prior to performing any
action under any circumstances.

20. The terms and conditions for receiving banking services for a User who is a customer of the Bank are as follows:

• In order to use the Digital Channels for the purpose of obtaining banking services for any of your accounts at the Bank, you must first register for banking services via the Digital
Channels. This requires completing and submitting to the Bank the registration documents for banking services, with the Digital Channels designated as preferred channels for
communication. Banking services will be provided in accordance with and subject to the Bank Records.

20.1 Information can be obtained regarding the balances and transactions in the accounts associated with banking services via the Digital Channels, in accordance with
the level of authorization approved by the User in the Bank Records, and in accordance with the services and products approved by the Bank from time to time on each of the
Digital Channels.

20.2 For the banking services, the Bank shall be paid a usage fee, as stipulated in the Bank's price list, which is updated from time to time in accordance with the law,
through debiting the accounts for which the services were provided.

20.3 After the Bank approves your registration for the online banking services, you will receive a unique password (hereinafter: “the Password”) and a unique username
(hereinafter: “the Username,” and together with the Password, “Identification and Verification Details”) for the purpose of accessing the banking services. The Password
and Username will permit a User who is a customer of the Bank to access to his account via the Digital Channels. The Bank reserves the right to periodically update the
Identification and Verification Details required to receive banking services through the Digital Channels.

20.4 The Bank does not have the ability to monitor the party entering the Username and/or Password. The User hereby undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the
Identification and Verification Details, to access the Digital Channels in order to obtain banking services on his own behalf, and to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining

20.5 The information provided on the Digital Channels within the framework of the banking services is in line with the information available from the Bank’s branches,
correct as of the last business day, as is shown onscreen. Balance and transaction information displayed for the account does not include transactions and/or instructions
carried out during the current business day.

20.6 The User is required to change his Password at a frequency that is determined periodically by the Bank. Failure to change the Password may result in the User’s
access to the Digital Channels being blocked. The User is also required to change his password immediately if he fears that his Username or Password has been lost or stolen,
or has been obtained by a person not authorized to perform transactions in his account at the Bank.

20.7 The Digital Channels permit instructions to be issued in relation to the transfer of funds from the User's account on a one-time basis. In addition, the Bank’s website
permits the setup of an account debit authorization. In order to prevent the misuse of these payment means, it is therefore important to maintain the confidentiality of the
Username and/or Password and to implement the information security recommendations. In the event that any of the Identification and Verification Details, or
any other element that may be deemed essential, as may be at any given time, is stolen and/or is obtained by a person not authorized to conduct transactions in the account, the
User must immediately notify the Bank's service center, and either change his password or freeze or cancel his ability to use the Digital Channels. It is hereby clarified that,
following the approval of a payment order, it is only possible to cancel the payment order insofar as it has not been executed by the Bank and insofar as such a cancellation
is technologically possible.

21. Data Retention:

21.1 The Digital Channels may contain software that collects information and analyzes the User's activity in order to better adapt the service to the User's needs, as stated in the
Bank's privacy policy for Digital Channels.

21.2 The information disclosed by the User on the Digital Channels may be stored in the Bank's databases and be used for decision-making processes with regard to the
future provision of services.

21.3 Guidelines for handling information security risks can be found on the Digital Channels.

22. We are available to respond to any question at the service center, *5727.

23. This document has been composed using masculine pronouns solely for reasons of convenience, and applies equally to both men and women.

24. The Bank reserves the right to make changes to the Digital Channels and/or to the banking services provided through them at any time, including expansions, deletions,
improvements, adaptations, and any other changes, and to revise the Digital Terms and/or the privacy policy, as shall be announced by the Bank on the Digital Channels. Continued use of the Digital Channels or their content, and/or receipt of any banking services available through them, constitutes the User's consent to the revised Terms of Use. If you do not
consent to the revised Digital Terms, you must leave the Digital Channels, delete the application from the mobile device on which it is installed, and refrain from any further use
of the Digital Channels, their content, and/or the banking services provided through them.

The foregoing shall not detract from the legal responsibility of the User or of the Bank with respect to use of the Digital Channels.




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