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Bank of Jerusalem is committed to providing all of its customers with equal, respectful, accessible, and professional service. Acting in accordance with the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law, 1998, and the regulations enacted pursuant to it, Bank of Jerusalem has invested significant effort and resources in order to make the necessary accessibility adaptations and ensure that customers with disabilities can receive the same services offered to all customers, on an independent and equal basis.

Branches Accessibility

​Branch Parking Entrance Toilets Hearing aids ATMs Protected space
Iron (Umm al fahm​)
Beit Shemesh
Bnei brak, hamerkaz
Betar illit
Jerusalem, Private banking
Jerusalem, Romema  
Modiin illit  
Kirion ​in the mall 
Rishon lezion
Tel aviv


*Our ATMs are accessible and include the RightHear audio signage and orientation system to help our blind and visually impaired customers locate the machines. This system is activated by a dedicated application.


Accessible Customer Service

  • Accessible Customer Service Training – Training sessions are held to educate employees about the accessibility field, raise their awareness of accessibility issues, and give them practical tools that will help them to provide accessible service.
  • Accessible Call Center – Accessible Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology is used, so that all information is conveyed in a clear voice, without background music.
  • Alternative Contact Options – There are several additional contact options:
    • In-Person Service – Available at the bank’s branches. Opening hours can be found here.
    •  The “Contact Us” form on the website can be found here
    • Email – Accessibility Coordinator Yael Weinberger,
    • Existing bank customers can contact their banker via online chat or SMS.
    • Mailing Address: 2 HaNegev Street, Airport City, Israel. 

Website Accessibility

An accessible website is one that enables people with disabilities and seniors to benefit from the same enjoyable, efficient browsing experience as the general population. It has been found that around 20-25% of people have difficulty using the internet and may benefit from more accessible online content. Bank of Jerusalem firmly believes in and works to advance equal opportunities online for people with various disabilities and all those who use assistive computer technology. 

Website Accessibility Information:

  • This website meets the requirements of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Service Accessibility Adaptations) Regulations, 2013.
  • The accessibility adaptations have been made in accordance with the recommendations of Israeli Standard 5568 and the international WCAG 2.0 document for Level AA online content accessibility.
  • Tests have indicated that the website has the highest compatibility with the Chrome browser.
  • The website provides a semantic structure for assistance technologies and supports standard keystrokes, including using the arrow keys, Enter, and Esc to navigate and exit menus and windows.
  • The website is adapted for display in current popular browsers and also for viewing on a mobile phone.
  • For the best browsing experience with a screen reader, it is recommended to use the latest NVDA software.
  • Documents or videos that were uploaded to the website prior to October 2017 may not be fully accessible. In the event that you encounter a document or video of this type, please contact Bank of Jerusalem’s accessibility coordinator so the information can be made accessible for you.
  • Provision of Information in an Accessible Format – Bank of Jerusalem offers its customers the option of receiving information in accessible formats. This service is free of charge and intended for customers with disabilities. For accessibility-related inquiries and information, please contact the Bank of Jerusalem’s accessibility coordinator, whose details appear later in this accessibility statement.
  • Accessibility testing and consulting was provided by A-2-Z Internet Accessibility and Digital Marketing. 

Bank of Jerusalem Application Accessibility Information:

  • For the iOS operating system, the application was tested on an iPhone 8+ running iOS version 13.1.1.
  • For the Android operating system, the application was tested on a Galaxy S9 running Android 9.
  • For the Android operating system, the application was tested with the TalkBack screen reader, version 8.2.
  • For the iOS operating system, the application was tested with the VoiceOver screen reader.

Using the Application with a Screen Reader:

  • You can scroll using swipe gestures to move from item to item, or use the “Explore by Touch” feature to touch the screen and hear a description of the items being touched.
  • When using an Android device, it is recommended to activate the “Automatically scroll lists” option.
  • Wherever possible, familiar items have been defined, such as: checkbox, list, titles, etc. You can navigate between these items by using the selector on your device (rotor on iOS and local menu on Android).
  • You can also use gestures that are accepted by the relevant operating system. For example, the “reverse L” gesture on Android to go back.
  • Accessibility consulting for the app was provided by A-2-Z Internet Accessibility and Digital Marketing.

Exemptions & Alternatives:

Bank of Jerusalem recognizes the immense importance of making all of its services and assets accessible, including the many digital services it offers to its customers. However, due to technological challenges, certain services have been exempted from accessibility requirements at this time. As a result, the Bank provides appropriate alternatives for people with disabilities who are unable to use the standard services.

If, at any point, you encounter difficulties and are unable to continue the process for accessibility reasons, please contact the Bank’s accessibility coordinator via any accessible means in order to receive the most suitable alternative option for your needs.

The Bank will make every effort to adapt the alternative to the customer’s requirements. In cases where it is necessary to perform certain processes, a Bank representative will come to the customer’s residence in order to provide assistance regarding performing such processes and receiving services.

Services currently exempt from accessibility requirements:

  • Digital loan application process
  • Digital deposit application process
  • Signing digital documents
  • Video-based customer identification
  • Depositing a check in the personal area of the website

Requests & Suggestions Related to Improving Accessibility

Bank of Jerusalem is continuing to improve its overall accessibility as part of its commitment to ensuring that everyone, including people with disabilities, can receive the most accessible service. If you encounter an accessibility-related problem or malfunction, please notify the Bank and every effort will be made to find an appropriate solution and address the problem as soon as possible.

Bank’s Accessibility Coordinator – Contact Details:

  • Name: Yael Weinberger
  • Phone: 076-8096628
  • Email:
  • By mail: Bank of Jerusalem, 2 HaNegev Street, Airport City.

Regarding accessibility matters, you can also contact your branch or the Public Inquiries Department.



Publication of Accessibility Statement 

The accessibility statement was last updated on: 15.01.2024.


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