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Are you a foreign resident? Recently made aliyah? You’ve come to the right place – Bank of Jerusalem’s private banking branch. Here you can receive professional financial guidance alongside dedicated personal service suited to your individual needs.


We would like to introduce you to our team

Our Expertise

Bank of Jerusalem puts at your disposal a team of skilled multilingual experts who are especially knowledgeable regarding international markets and have extensive experience analyzing overseas financial statements and foreign income. This personal, detail-oriented service gives you peace of mind every step of the way, in every financial decision you make – from simple transactions to taking out a foreign currency mortgage and adapting an investment portfolio to your personal needs.


 Our private banking branch specializes in services such as:





Bank of Jerusalem’s team of mortgage advisors is at your service, ready to accompany you through every stage of your mortgage journey. We will help you to select the mortgage plan that’s right for you, with professional insights into the most convenient, best-value terms, as well as personal guidance to ensure your continued peace of mind.

  • Range of fixed and variable rate mortgages, in shekels or foreign currency
  • Attentive personal service tailored to your preferences
  • Outstanding flexibility enabling you to switch between plans, in accordance with changing needs
  • Extensive professional knowledge in the mortgage field
  • Specialist collateral review expertise
  • Multilingual bankers who are native English or French speakers



Deposit & Savings Accounts

We can help you find the deposit account that suits you best, at very attractive interest rates.

Bank of Jerusalem currently offers 8 deposit types:

Long-term and short-term deposits, lump-sum and monthly deposits, and deposits in both shekels and foreign currency.

In every case, our professional advisors stand ready to tailor the best deposit plan for your requirements.



Investment Consulting

Our advisory team will provide you with 360° personal service, including:

  • Complete assessment of your financial needs, financial mapping that covers all investments, and the creation of a customized investment portfolio, both local and global.
  • Comprehensive up-to-date professional data, supplied by investment advisors in real time, to help you get the most out of your investment portfolio.
  • Customized service package, which includes monitoring your investment portfolio and assisting you in building the optimal strategy for money management, buying and selling securities, stocks and bonds, and more.


Loan provision is subject to the Bank’s discretion. Failure to comply with loan repayment may result in interest on arrears and foreclosure proceedings.


We’re Here to Help

  • Bank of Jerusalem –
    Private Banking Branch
    Agron 30, Jerusalem

    Opening hours:

     Sun, Sat- Closed
    Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur ‎09:00–14:30
    Fri ‎08:30–12:00

  • Nisim Nichko

    Manager, Private Banking Branch


  • Itay Ben Menahem

    Mortgage Department Manager


  • Ilanit Derzi

    Commercial & Current Account Department Manager


  • Doron Slonimski
    Investment Department Manager


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