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​At the Bank of Jerusalem you can enjoy a wide array of benefits in managing your account via the Internet. Our online services are secure, user-friendly, simple, and most importantly they are available to you any time of day at your convenience.

Client of another bank? Here you can:

  • Open and manage deposit online – within minutes you can become the owner of a deposit with an attractive interest rate without any fees, even if you are a client of another bank. Later on, you can also easily track your deposit status directly from your computer. To open a deposit click here.
  • Get the right loan for you online* –- a loan up to NIS 60,000 for any purpose without going to the bank and without even leaving home. Soon you will be able to also use our online loan calculator and determine the loan amount you can get, the amount of monthly payments, interest rates, and the repayment period. The use of the loan calculator does not require identification. To apply for a loan click here.
  • Trade on the stock exchange from anywhere – with Bank of Jerusalem online banking services you can trade in a variety of capital market products in an easy, simple and convenient way. For capital market services, click here. You can also follow the market on the go using the 'Jerusalem trade’ app on your smartphone. Download the app and start trading now. 

Client of the Bank of Jerusalem? Here you can:

  • Follow your account status – at a glance you can see exactly what is happening with your money, check recent transactions and balance, view past and future credit card charges, and check the status of the loans and deposits. To join the Bank of Jerusalem online services, click here.
  • Order cheque books – you can order new cheque books through our website, following a short and simple process. Your cheque books will be waiting for you at the branch in just a few days. For more information click here.
  • Transfer funds between accounts – soon you will be able to transfer money from your account in a quick and simple process. You can transfer up to NIS 6,000 in a single transfer, and up to NIS 50,000 of accumulated transfers in a month. For more information click here.

Loans are subject to the discretion of the Bank of Jerusalem. Failure to comply with loan repayment may result in interest on arrears and repossession procedures.

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