If you live overseas* and hold accounts, savings, or deposits in Israel, you can open a non-resident account with Bank of Jerusalem.

Bank of Jerusalem's non-resident account lets you manage your money easily while enjoying a variety of exclusive benefits and exemptions.

​​​​​​​​​​​If you live overseas and maintain savings or deposits accounts, in Israel - then you should consider opening a foreign resident account with the Bank of Jerusalem. Using a foreign resident account at Bank of Jerusalem, you can conveniently manage your funds and enjoy a range of exclusive benefits and exemptions.

What does a Bank of Jerusalem non-resident account offer?**

  • Waived management fee for foreign currency account
  • Excellent interest rates on fixed-term deposit accounts.
  • Exemption from Israeli income tax on interest accrued from deposit accounts (subject to signing a declaration and in line with applicable restrictions).
  • Tax exemption on most transactions involving Israeli securities.

In order to open a Bank of Jerusalem non-resident account, you must meet all the following conditions:

  • The State of Israel is not the permanent residence of either yourself or your family.
  • Your business is not located in or associated with Israel.
  • You are not the owner or partner of a business that operates out of Israel.
Non-resident accounts can be opened at the following branches:
Simply visit one of these branches and ask to open a non-resident account. Please note that a proxy cannot open an account on your behalf.  While opening the account, you will be asked to
complete a non-resident declaration. This will enable you to update your account with the appropriate tax benefits. The non-resident declaration must be renewed every three years.


*Activity restrictions may apply to residents of certain countries, subject to applicable regulations in the country of residence and the bank's procedures.
**Tax benefits will be updated in the customer's account in accordance with the tax laws, as they come into effect, insofar as they apply to the customer. This does not constitute tax advice. The customer is advised to consult with tax experts.



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