Online transfer between accounts

In a few simple steps, money can be transferred to an account of your choice.

​From now on you can easily transfer funds between accounts, without visiting your bank branch. Join the Bank of Jerusalem online services and get authorization to make transfers.

Who can make the transfers?

  • A checking account holder at the Bank of Jerusalem, who joined the Bank of Jerusalem online services. To join please contact your bank branch.
  • Someone, who is authorized to make transfers between accounts. For authorizations update, please contact your bank branch.
  • Someone, whose account balance allows him to make a transfer between accounts.

Types of transfers

  • Transfer between your accounts in the bank – up to NIS 100,000 in a single transfer (only if you are the sole owner of the account, or if there are several partners in the account, who are also the partners in the account to which the transfer is being made).
  • Transfer to third parties – up to NIS 12,000 in a single transfer, and up to NIS 50,000 of accumulated transfers in a month.

 Transfer process

 Screen 1 – Transfer details
On this screen you will be prompted to choose the account from which the transfer takes place, and fill in the details of the account to which the funds are to be transferred.
  • If you have already transferred funds to a particular account previously, you can select that account without the need for retyping.
  • If a transfer is made to an account for the first time, you can add it to a list accounts to which you have made transfers in the past. This way, you will save yourself time retyping in the future.

Screen 2 – Details confirmation

On this screen you will see the summary of the transfer request details. In order to complete the transfer you will be prompted to enter a code that will be sent via text message to your mobile phone.
  • Make sure that the mobile number displayed on the screen is correct. In case you wish to update you mobile number, please contact you bank branch.
  • If the mobile number is correct, click the "Send code" button and a text message will be immediately sent to your mobile phone. This text message will contain a code that you must enter in the appropriate field on the screen. The code is valid for 5 minutes, which means you must enter it immediately upon receipt.

Screen 3 – Final confirmation

On this screen you will get the confirmation of the transfer and a summary of its details. You can save the information or print it. From here you can proceed to perform another operation or return to your personal zone.

In accordance with the Bank of Israel guidelines (PBP 357).

 Online transfer between accounts

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