Choose the card that suits you best and you will be able to enjoy lucrative benefits, as well as select your billing date and control the amount of your monthly payment.

The monthly charge begins at NIS 200 up to the credit limit of the credit card as approved by the Bank. The payment amount will be the amount chosen by you or 3% of the commitment amount or the credit limit deviation amount (if there is a deviation) – whichever is higher. The deferred amount, including cash withdrawals and transactions in Israel and abroad, shall bear interest until the next billing date in accordance with the terms of the credit card, subject to the regulations of the “Fixed Monthly Charge” plan that can be found on the Cal website. Failure to comply with loan repayment may result in interest on arrears and repossession procedures.

The types of cards you can get: 

ATM card

  • Cash withdrawals – up to NIS 2500 cumulative per day
  • Increased daily cash withdrawals – up to NIS 10,000
  • Carrying out transactions – balance inquiry, cash deposit, check deposit
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Debit card

  • Up to NIS 5,000 for a single transaction to NIS 10,000 cumulative per day
  • The bank account is charged immediately after purchase
  • International card that allows transactions abroad
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Visa Cal card

  • Control over the amount of the monthly payment
  • Selection of the billing date
  • A variety of loans for any purpose on the account of the credit limit

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The provision of the credit card and the credit limit are at the discretion of the Bank and the client’s compliance with the criteria set by the Bank. The Bank is not responsible for the quality and/or type of benefits granted with the card, and they are provided by the credit card company at its sole responsibility. Failure to comply with loan repayment may result in interest on arrears and repossession procedures.

Benefits for Visa Cal customers

The Bank customers that will get the Cal credit card, will enjoy the following benefits:
> Travel insurance (with the international credit card). Subject to the terms of the Harel insurance policy.
> Discounts at thousands of businesses, under the Calextra plan.
> Benefits and discounts for entertainment activities. Subject to program policies.

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