The Jerusalem Trade app for trading on the stock exchange

Trade the capital market from anywhere!

Want to receive information about the capital market and your portfolio anywhere? Interested in trading on the stock exchange from anywhere? Download the Jerusalem Trade app to your smartphone and start trading from your mobile phone.

What does the app include?

  • Independent trade management and placing of orders to trade securities, shares, bonds, etc.
  • Real-time / delayed snapshot of the stock market indices, including segmentation into different sectors.
  • Intraday graphs and historical graphs of indices and securities traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE).
  • Extensive detailing of securities – which are rising, falling or most active in the market and any index of your choice. The app also displays the latest information on the most recent securities transactions.
  • General news on the capital markets, macroeconomic news and stock exchange notifications.
  • Customizable news feed, in accordance with the securities of your interest.
  • Calculation of exposures and profit/loss data, as well as differences in cost rates.

The Jerusalem Trade app is available for customers of all banks.

Just open a trading account, get an authorization, download the Jerusalem Trade app in the app store and start trading. 

 Download the Jerusalem Trade app


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