Auto Loans – Financing for Your New Car

Or, to put it simply: the loan that will put you behind the wheel of that new car

At a glance
Obtain up to 75% financing on your new car, with a variable interest rate loan.
Loan period: up to 6 years (72 months).
Who can benefit from a new car loan?
    • Anyone who is interested in purchasing a new car and needs a loan with convenient terms.
    • Those with a specific loan amount in mind: you can request any amount, ranging from a few thousand shekels up to 75% of the new car's value – it's easy, convenient, and flexible. 
    • People who want to choose the loan's duration: you get the money you need immediately – and can then repay it over one, two, or even up to six years, whichever suits you best.
    • People interested in the option to reduce their monthly loan payments. How does it work? You can opt to pay for a certain percentage of the car's value (up to 45%) at the end of the loan period. This will make your monthly payments lower and more convenient, with the loan balance being repaid in a single installment when the loan period is up.
What are theadvantages of a new car loan?
  • with no penalty - It's a flexible loan custom-tailored to your personal needs: even if you take out a loan for
    several years, you can choose to repay it in full (full repayment) or in part (partial repayment) at any time, without incurring a penalty.


This does not constitute an offer to provide credit. All credit granted is subject to bank approval, based on the bank terms and policies in effect at that time. Failure to comply with loan repayment may result in interest on arrears and repossession proceedings.

Up to NIS 100,000

without going to the branch



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