Renewable deposit in NIS

Automatically renewable deposit at maximum interest rate, available to you as required

​A NIS-denominated deposit at Bank of Jerusalem maximum interest rate, which is 80% of the Bank of Israel interest rate. The deposit is made for a period of a week or a month, and is automatically renewed, subject to set interest rate terms. Even with small amounts you will get the most for your deposit.

Who is it for?

Those interested in a safe investment, which allows withdrawal after a selected time period, for example each week or month.

Why is it worth it?

  • There's no need to remember when the deposit term ends and call the bank for its renewal. Upon maturity, the deposit is automatically renewed for another term, until you inform the bank of your intention to withdraw the money.
  • You can withdraw the deposit, in whole or in part, at the time of each renewal.
  • You can have the interest transferred to your checking account upon each renewal date, while you continue to accrue interest on the deposit till the next renewal date.

Get ahead

Automatic renewable deposit, without leaving home



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