Sun Deposit

Deposits with interest rates that keep rising and rising, offering attractive exit dates

Our Sun Deposit allows you to invest in the long term, but gives you the option of withdrawing the deposit before the end of the original period at predetermined exit dates. You will get a higher interest already in the first period, and it will continue to rise for each additional year you choose to leave the money in the deposit.

Who is it for?

  • Those with available funds that have no defined purpose in the short term.
  • Those interested in a risk-free relatively high yield for their money in relation to market conditions.
  • Those interested in getting a high interest rate, but do not want to give up liquidity.

Why is it worth it?

  • You can enjoy a high interest rate during the initial period, and it will keep rising for each successive year in which you decide to leave the money in the deposit.
  • The interest rate will remain attractive throughout the entire deposit period, no matter when you withdraw the money.
  • There are no fines at the exit dates – you can get all the interest you’ve accrued before you withdraw the money.


All the above mentioned interest rates are on an annualized basis. The current prime interest rate is 1.6%.



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