Optional interest rate deposit

Either way, your profit will go up

​The deposit that allows you to earn even in an uncertain economy. A NIS-denominated deposit that is simultaneously deposited for a predefined period in two tracks – one with a fixed interest rate, and the other with a variable interest rate. At the end of the period the accumulated interest will be calculated for you in both tracks, and you will receive the higher one.

Who is it for?

  • Those interested in a deposit bearing variable interest rate in order to benefit from an increase in the prime rate, but also seeking protection should the interest rate decrease.
  • Those seeking to secure a fixed minimum interest rate.

Why is it worth it?

  • Should the prime rate increase, you will benefit from the higher interest; and should it decrease you will receive the fixed interest guaranteed on the date of your deposit.
  • Upon maturity of the deposit, the interest amount is calculated automatically, and your earnings are based on whichever interest is higher.​

The publication relates to a two-year deposit, and to any deposit amount. The interest rate specified in both tracks is annualized. The adjusted average fixed interest rate for the period is approximately 0.75%. The adjusted average variable interest rate for the period is approximately 0.6%, according to the prime rate as of 10 May 2015. The Bank may terminate the offer at any time.

Get ahead

Optional interest rate deposit, for costumers of all banks



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