Bank of Jerusalem Management


  • Yair Kaplan

    Yair Kaplan


Board members

  • Yacov Peled

    Executive VP, Head of Retail Division

  • Moshe Omer

    Executive VP, Head of Financial Division and Strategy

  • Carmela Avner

    Carmela Avner

    Executive VP, Head of Resources and Technological Innovation Division

  • Alexander Zaltsman

    Vice President, Chief Accountant, Head of Monetary Division

  • Sarit Weistuch

    Vice President, Legal Counsel, Manager of the Legal Counsel, Compliance and Enforcement Department

  • Boaz Leibovitch

    Vice President, Chief Risk Officer, Head of Risk Division

  • Liran Ovadia

    Head of Real Estate and Banking Products Division

Non-Executive Directors

  • Michal Kuperstein

    Secretary of the Bank and its Subsidiaries

  • Ron ​Sagi

    Vice President, Chief Internal Auditor

  • Udi Giladi

    Udi Giladi

    Human Resources Manager

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