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Getting a loan is simple

​​​Get up to 60,000 NIS ​for any purpose regardless of where you do your banking.
​Just visit our website, and following a short process you will get the loan you need, without the necessity of visiting your bank branch.​

Our deposit system

​ ​​​​​​We offer a deposit that provides you with a minimum of 80% of the Bank of Israel interest rate. follow a few simple steps on our website and your money will be placed in the deposit-vehicle of your choice, and transferred back to your account at the end of the period.​

​For your information

As from Decmber 1, 2016 the Bank will start working with a new correspondent- The Bank Of New York Mellon in US Dollar currency. On November 30, 2016 the Bank will close the correspondent account which is maintained at Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas NY for US dollars (USD). After that date, it will be possible to receive and pay in this currency only through the new correspondent (The Bank Of New York Mellon)