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Here you can view a comprehensive overview of real-time market data, perform various activities like placing trigger orders and obtaining advanced technical analysis, and also trade on the stock exchange no matter where you are, via your computer or app.


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Please note that Israeli trading room hours have been updated, and the room now closes at 7pm.



Our trading rooms are open for you

  • Israel trading room



    Sunday 08:30-16:35
    Monday – Thursday 08:30-19:00 
    Friday and holiday weekdays – no activity

  • International trading room


    Sunday – no activity
    Monday – Friday 15:00-23:00

  • Customer service



    Sunday – Thursday 08:30-16:30

Dear customer, please note that if you experience a problem when logging in to the Interactive Brokers (IB) system, please click here, download and install the OFFLINE TWS LATEST version, and continue to work independently.



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