Israel Securities Authority online voting system

​The Israel Securities Authority ("ISA") has established a new Electronic Voting System for holders of reporting corporations’ securities. From here on out, shareholders will be able to vote online, in addition to the voting options available to them today.
According to the ISA, the system was designed to encourage shareholders, public bond and warrant holders to exercise their voting rights and thereby increase their involvement in decision-making processes.

Entitlement to vote

Eligibility to vote shall apply to the meetings for which the summons and the determining date for the holding of the corporation's securities is after 17 June 2015 (date of commencement of legal provisions).


Subject to ISA instructions, the Bank shall convey the securities holders' identifying information to the Internet voting system for a secured identification process. The Bank will also e-mail the securities holders the access code, as well as meetings details so that they can vote at these meetings.
Login to the voting system will be permitted with a fixed user name (account ID number) and a different access code for each separate vote that will be emailed before any meeting to those customers, whose e-mail address is updated at the Bank.

For inquiries, please contact the investment advisor in the branch.

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