New Service! Chat with a Banker

Now you can chat with or message a banker directly online

Bank of Jerusalem customer? Have a question? Looking for information? We’re here to take the hassle out of everything from small queries to important transactions.

Our new service lets you contact a real, human banker via SMS messages or online chat. You can obtain information about our financial products and perform various transactions – all quickly, easily, from anywhere, and completely free of charge. No need to wait in line, make an appointment, or plan ahead. Simply send a message and the banker will be ready and waiting to assist you.

Click here for the service terms and conditions.

How do you get in touch with us?

  1. Save this number on your phone: 052-8309712.

  2. Send a text message to the saved number.

  1. Answer a few questions to verify your identity.

  2. And start chatting with a banker!

*Please note that it is not possible to receive mortgage services via this channel.


We’re also here in chat!

Get in touch with a banker via online chat.



Service Center

  • Contact a Banker

    service is for
    existing customers




    Working hours:

    Sun-Thu 8:30-16:30
    Fri & Holidays 8:30-13:00


  • Service center *5727


    Working hours:

    Sun-Thu 8:30-16:30
    Fri & Holidays 8:30-13:00

Tips for protecting your privacy:

You are entitled to refrain from providing information. However, please note that the failure to supply certain information required for the service may mean that the service cannot be provided to you.

Only provide the minimum relevant up-to-date information required for the service you have requested.

  1. Never provide your passwords or full credit card / bank account numbers to anyone.

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