Messages for the bank's customers

Dear Customers,

In light of the continued spread of the corona virus, and following the Bank of Israel guidelines regarding public health concern all Bank's branches are returning to full working hours, subject to the Ministry of Health’s guidelines and public health requirements.

Please note that the service in the branches will be provided subject to the directives of the Ministry of Health, which include: wearing masks, maintaining a 2-meter distance between people, and screening for fever before entering the branch. We recommend that you coordinate your arrival date in advance via the Bank's call center at *5727.

We recommend minimizing visits to branches and the use of alternate banking channels, such as:

The Banks call centers or web site.

The Banks call centers are available at the following phone numbers:

Customer Service Center *5727

Trading Room 076-8096060

Mortgage Management Center 076-8095115


Further details about the working hours of the call center can be found here.


Bank of Jerusalem is with you now more than ever.

Mortgage Customers can freeze their mortgage payments (principal and interest) for a period of up to three months, with no service charge.

The postponed payments will be re spread on to the remaining mortgage payments.


Interested? Easily contact us by calling 076-8095115.


Continuing to serve you,

Bank of Jerusalem ltd.



Notice of transfer of Private Banking Branch and Jerusalem Branch to their new address

We are pleased to announce that the above branches have moved to their new location at

30 Agron St., Jerusalem.

The new Branch's information is as follows:

Branch name:  Private Banking

Address:  30 Agron St., Jerusalem

(Opposite the entrance to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel)

Tel.: 076-8095030

Fax: 076-8095930

Opening hours:

Sunday: closed

Monday - Thursday: 09:00 - 15:00

Friday: 08:30 - 12:30


We will be pleased to be of assistance and to provide you with the quality service at the new branch.

Notice of the particulars of the move to the new location has been sent to you by regular mail.


For further information and on any questions we will be pleased to be at your service, at the branch - tel. 076-8095030, or at the bank's Call Center - tel. *5727.



IBAN details requirement regarding incoming payments outside of Israel


The Bank of Israel updated its Supervisor's directive No. 411.

In light of this update, as of March 31st, 2020, it is required that any incoming payment from abroad to the client's account with the Bank will include the IBAN details of the client's account. In the period between the above mentioned date and April 30th, 2020, the Bank will accept all incoming payments and the client's account will be credited, subject to the Bank's procedures.

As of May 1st, 2020, the Bank will not enable incoming payments from abroad without an IBAN details (except in unique circumstances).



Attention: Customers who have received notification of the sale of their securities activity to "Meitav Dash Trade Ltd."

As of February 16, 2018, please visit the Meitav Dash website for information about your securities.

Customers trading via Ordernet should log in the website using the same username and password.

Customers trading via the Bank of Jerusalem app are required to download the Meitav Dash app from the app store.

For additional information, please call 03-7903555 or contact

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