Bank of Jerusalem’s Real Estate Professionals

Planning a construction project? Need professional financial support? Looking for credit, but also personal service adapted to your needs? You’ve come to the right place – Bank of Jerusalem’s Real Estate Sector.

What are we?

The Bank of Jerusalem’s Real Estate Sector has been active for decades, specializing in financing residential projects. Our staff comprises skilled professional bankers with backgrounds in finance, law, and real estate appraisals. We all share proven experience in the real estate field and outstanding dedication to customer service.

What do we do?

  • Specialize in providing credit to construction companies and real estate developers as part of dedicated comprehensive financial support for residential projects
  • Finance urban renewal projects (Tama 38, reinforcement & construction, vacate & build)
  • Finance purchasing groups

What do we offer you?

  • Credit to finance the purchase of land intended for construction
  • Credit to finance the construction process
  • Bank guarantees and performance bonds
  • Collateral under the Sales Act
  • Payment vouchers for the residential units within the project

Why work with us?

  • You will be assigned a dedicated personal banker at the beginning of the process who will take care of all your personal needs until the project is successfully completed and occupied.
  • Your project will be closely supervised at the Bank of Jerusalem’s main headquarters, where all our management offices are located. This ensures that your requests are always answered immediately by our executives – and you save valuable time.
  • The line of credit you receive as part of our dedicated comprehensive financial support also includes a range of services tailored to your personal needs.


We would like to invite you to meet the heads of the Bank of Jerusalem’s Real Estate Sector. At the meeting, you will get to know us personally, learn about our extensive, diverse experience, and have the opportunity to tell us exactly how we can assist with your project.

We’re Here to Help

Failure to comply with loan repayment may result in interest on arrears and repossession procedures.

Bank of Jerusalem supports many construction projects.
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