Renewable foreign currency deposit

Automatically renewable foreign currency deposit at attractive fixed interest rate, until you decide to withdraw your money or until the end of a preset time period

A foreign currency-denominated deposit at a fixed interest rate, for a period of one week or more, with the option of automatic renewal for a limited period of time, at your request.

Who is it for?

  • Those with available foreign currency that can be deposited for short, medium and long periods of time.
  • Those interested in a safe investment with money that can be withdrawn on a regular basis.
  • Those interested in preserving the value of their money in the deposited currency.

Why is it worth it?

  • There's no need to remember when the deposit term ends and call the bank for its renewal. Upon maturity, the deposit is automatically renewed for another term, until you inform the bank of your intention to withdraw the money or until the end of a preset time period.
  • You can withdraw the deposit, in whole or in part, at the time of each renewal.
  • You can have the interest transferred to your checking account upon each renewal date, while you continue to accrue interest on the deposit till the next renewal date.



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