Trading system in Israel – Jerusalem Trade Pro

Jerusalem Trade Pro is an advanced and convenient trading system for securities traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, including stocks, mutual funds, treasury bills, bonds, options and more. The system is available for all Bank of Jerusalem clients.

You can place trading orders online, as well as receive updated information on the status of your investment portfolio. The system also allows you to perform balance inquiries, update orders that have not been implemented yet, and observe recent transactions in your portfolio in a simple, easy and convenient way.
Jerusalem Trade Pro allows tiered pricing for derivatives market traders – you sell more, you pay less, without pre-commitment.

  • Among the multitude of options, Jerusalem Trade Pro offers:
  • Various trigger orders, such as stop loss, stop limit, take profit, buy above etc.
  • Chart trading – choose buying or selling price on the chart, and place orders.
  • Advanced market information screens – heat map, news chart, supply/demand trend and more.
  • Technical analysis – a wide variety of indicators and technical analysis statistics.
  • News module – a panel coordinating all economy-related news from various news sites, including companies’ notices and stock exchange announcements.
  • Over 50 customizable screens with a flexible screen layout.
  • Advanced trading screens derived from other trading screens.
  • Fast order placement from any screen.
  • Quick navigation and customization of the workspace.



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